Thursday, 27 November 2008

Armory updates, and how to get at the new data

On the 25th of November a major Armory update added a whole host of new information with the introduction of the Statistics tab. Unlike the other tabs on the Armory where all the information is present in the XML this new Statistics tab fetches more data asynchronously.

Firstly if you have a look at the character-statistics.xml you will see something like this:
<statistic name="Total gold acquired" quantityCopper="43" quantityGold="828" quantitySilver="89"/>
<statistic name="Gold looted" quantityCopper="94" quantityGold="61" quantitySilver="3"/>
<statistic name="Total kills that grant experience or honor" quantity="932"/>
<statistic name="Total Killing Blows" quantity="997"/>
<statistic name="Creatures killed" quantity="1907"/>
<category id="130" name="Character">
<category name="Wealth"/>
<category name="Consumables"/>
<category name="Reputation"/>
<category name="Gear"/>
<category id="141" name="Combat"/>
<category id="128" name="Kills">
<category name="Creatures"/>
<category name="Honorable Kills"/>
<category name="Killing Blows"/>
<category id="122" name="Deaths">
<category name="Arenas"/>
<category name="Battlegrounds"/>
<category name="Dungeons"/>
<category name="World"/>
<category name="Resurrection"/>
<category id="133" name="Quests"/>
<category id="14807" name="Dungeons & Raids">
<category name="Classic"/>
<category name="The Burning Crusade"/>
<category name="Wrath of the Lich King"/>
<category id="132" name="Skills">
<category name="Secondary Skills"/>
<category name="Professions"/>
<category id="134" name="Travel"/>
<category id="131" name="Social"/>
<category id="21" name="Player vs. Player">
<category name="Arenas"/>
<category name="Battlegrounds"/>
<category name="World"/>

The <summary> section will be different for everyone but the category id's appear to be fixed. When you click the Character category (id 130 as you can see above) an XML call fires off. Low and behold an XML document comes back looking like this:
<category name="Character" requestUrl="/character-statistics.xml">
<statistic name="Talent tree respecs" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Badges of Justice acquired" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Emblems of Heroism acquired" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Emblems of Valor acquired" quantity="--"/>
<category name="Wealth">
<statistic name="Total gold acquired" quantityCopper="43" quantityGold="828" quantitySilver="89"/>
<statistic name="Average gold earned per day" quantityCopper="96" quantityGold="46" quantitySilver="4"/>
<statistic name="Gold looted" quantityCopper="94" quantityGold="61" quantitySilver="3"/>
<statistic name="Gold from quest rewards" quantityGold="473" quantitySilver="54"/>
<statistic name="Gold earned from auctions" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Auctions posted" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Auction purchases" quantity="5"/>
<statistic name="Most expensive bid on auction" quantityGold="110"/>
<statistic name="Most expensive auction sold" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Gold from vendors" quantityCopper="49" quantityGold="294" quantitySilver="31"/>
<statistic name="Gold spent on travel" quantityCopper="90" quantityGold="7" quantitySilver="87"/>
<statistic name="Gold spent at barber shops" quantityCopper="50" quantityGold="7" quantitySilver="29"/>
<statistic name="Gold spent on postage" quantityCopper="30" quantitySilver="27"/>
<statistic name="Gold spent on talent tree respecs" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Most gold ever owned" quantityCopper="14" quantityGold="601" quantitySilver="99"/>
<statistic name="Items pickpocketed" quantity="108"/>
<category name="Consumables">
<statistic name="Bandages used" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Bandage used most" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Different bandage types used" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Health potions consumed" quantity="1"/>
<statistic highest="Super Healing Potion" name="Health potion used most" quantity="1"/>
<statistic name="Different health potions used" quantity="1"/>
<statistic name="Mana potions consumed" quantity="22"/>
<statistic highest="Super Mana Potion" name="Mana potion used most" quantity="22"/>
<statistic name="Different mana potions used" quantity="1"/>
<statistic name="Elixirs consumed" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Elixir consumed most" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Different elixirs used" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Flasks consumed" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Flask consumed most" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Different flasks consumed" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Beverages consumed" quantity="126"/>
<statistic highest="Pungent Seal Whey" name="Beverage consumed most" quantity="98"/>
<statistic name="Different beverages consumed" quantity="9"/>
<statistic name="Food eaten" quantity="10"/>
<statistic name="Different foods eaten" quantity="3"/>
<statistic highest="Poached Bluefish" name="Food eaten most" quantity="8"/>
<statistic name="Healthstones used" quantity="--"/>
<category name="Reputation">
<statistic name="Most factions at Exalted" quantity="4"/>
<statistic name="Most factions at Revered or higher" quantity="9"/>
<statistic name="Most factions at Honored or higher" quantity="18"/>
<statistic name="Most Northrend factions at Exalted" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Most Outland factions at Exalted" quantity="3"/>
<statistic name="Most Alliance factions at Exalted" quantity="1"/>
<statistic name="Total factions encountered" quantity="39"/>
<category name="Gear">
<statistic name="Equipped epic items in item slots" quantity="2"/>
<statistic name="Epic items acquired" quantity="1"/>
<statistic name="Epic items looted" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Legendary items acquired" quantity="--"/>
<statistic name="Mounts owned" quantity="3"/>
<statistic name="Vanity pets owned" quantity="3"/>
<statistic name="Extra bank slots purchased" quantity="7"/>
<statistic name="Greed rolls made on loot" quantity="1"/>
<statistic name="Need rolls made on loot" quantity="--"/>

You can retrieve any of the Statistic sub-pages independently of the rest of the character information. I haven't spent a lot of time looking into it but the category id's appear to be fixed and everyone seems to have the same set of categories on display (for the moment).

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