Thursday, 18 December 2008

The return of the Realm balance reports...

My spider software is still hurtling through lists of guilds and whatnot looking specifically for level 80 characters. Currently there are 260,389 level 80 characters used to generate the reports but this is ticking up by the second. I still have 50,464 guilds in the 'pending' queue waiting to be checked. Eventually the 71-79 characters will be refreshed as I expect a large number will have levelled by the time I return to them.

In other news, I have released a lot more information on the reports page. Each realm now has a separate 'Realm Balance' report showing the balance of classes for both Alliance and Horde on that realm. There is also a complete list of Guilds known on that realm. Don't panic if your realm report is a little on the empty side, your realm and its guilds are likely still somewhere in the 50,000+ TODO queue.

Lastly, I have released some sample data from 3,000 level 80 characters in both CSV and XML formats on the Developers page for you to play with. Limits on the size of files in Google App Engine has made it tricky to release larger data-sets but I have something planned.

Refreshed automagically every 6 hours:


Neddih said...

Just wanted to say: well done! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that russian realm balance will be shown?

PS. i'm sorry for my english

Okoloth said...

There was a minor outage on the Reports page this morning, it appears to be working and the following Russian realms appear in the reports page:

Азурегос, Вечная Песня, Гордунни, Гром, Дракономор, Король-лич, Пиратская бухта, Подземье, Свежеватель душ, Седогрив, Страж смерти, Термоштепсель, Ясеневый лес