Thursday, 2 August 2007

Status Update - 2nd August

Ding!! 130,000 records and counting, status today:
Alliance71,648 (54.5%)
Horde59,813 (45.5%)
Level 70's65,907 (50.1%)
Table Size1,702 MB

And here is a breakdown by class:
Druid12,105 (9.2%)
Hunter14,887 (11.3%)
Mage17,102 (13.0%)
Paladin12,150 (9.2%)
Priest15,060 (11.5%)
Rogue16,487 (12.5%)
Shaman11,103 (8.4%)
Warlock14,423 (11.0%)
Warrior18,144 (13.8%)

The spider is still plodding along, a few minor bugs were ironed out (ooppss). In other news, my site got a mention in WoWInsider causing a massive spike in my otherwise dormant visitor statistics. It peaked at 2,202 visitors last night (the other spike was from BigRedKitty).

The next generation of reports are being developed, this time to include levels 1 to 70 with some nice pretty graphs. I had intended to do this earlier but there just wasnt enough data for the lower levels.

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