Monday, 30 July 2007

Druid - Summary (Updated)

Hot off the auto-generated press, this series encompasses some of the old stats and a whole host of new ones. Most importantly each class has been broken down by spec, the needs of a Feral Combat Druid differ greatly from those of a Restoration Druid and I think some of the information below reflects this.
My software is still plodding along collecting more and more data, if you have any suggestions for information you'd be interested in just let me know.
This report includes 5592 level 70 Druid's.

Talent Specs
Feral Combat59.92%

Average Base Stats¹
AverageBalanceFeral CombatRestoration

Average Melee Stats¹
AverageBalanceFeral CombatRestoration
Main Hand DPS109.2370.42134.7471.23
Main Hand Speed2.642.362.892.22
Off Hand DPS23.033.5435.893.88
Off Hand Speed2.642.362.892.22
Hit Rating361574
Crit Chance10.873.515.683.73

Average Defence Stats¹
AverageBalanceFeral CombatRestoration

Average Spell Stats¹
AverageBalanceFeral CombatRestoration
Bonus Damage78601551
Bonus Healing476747841168
Hit Rating32702
Crit Chance7.214.774.510.05
Mana Regen¹39.14 c, 183.98 nc73.69 c, 214.73 nc5.79 c, 124.63 nc94.09 c, 291.91 nc

¹ - 'c' means while casting, 'nc' means while not casting

Most Popular Professions

Most Popular Combination of Professions
Alchemy & Herbalism30.23%
Leatherworking & Skinning23.82%
Enchanting & Herbalism4.72%
Jewelcrafting & Mining4.11%
Herbalism & Mining3.59%

WoWWiki has an interesting article detailing Aldor vs. Scryers.
AverageBalanceFeral CombatRestoration

AverageBalanceFeral CombatRestoration
Head10% [Stealther's Helmet of Second Sight]
9% [Helm of the Claw]
8% [Stag-Helm of Malorne]
7% [Stylin' Purple Hat]
5% [Watcher's Cowl]
31% [Druidic Helmet of Second Sight]
6% [Circlet of the Starcaller]
5% [Moonkin Headdress]
5% [Antlers of Malorne]
3% [Windscale Hood]
16% [Stealther's Helmet of Second Sight]
15% [Helm of the Claw]
13% [Stag-Helm of Malorne]
12% [Stylin' Purple Hat]
4% [Cowl of Defiance]
16% [Watcher's Cowl]
16% [Crown of Malorne]
12% [Cowl of Nature's Breath]
6% [Headdress of the High Potentate]
6% [Hood of Primal Life]
Neck8% [Mithril Chain of Heroism]
6% [Natasha's Pack Collar]
5% [Choker of Bloodied Feathers]
5% [Mark of the Ravenguard]
4% [Natasha's Guardian Cord]
12% [Warp Engineer's Prismatic Chain]
12% [Brooch of Heightened Potential]
8% [Torc of the Sethekk Prophet]
5% [Brooch of Unquenchable Fury]
5% [Necklace of Bloodied Feathers]
13% [Mithril Chain of Heroism]
9% [Natasha's Pack Collar]
8% [Choker of Bloodied Feathers]
8% [Mark of the Ravenguard]
5% [Chain of Glowing Tendrils]
12% [Natasha's Guardian Cord]
11% [Sethekk Oracle's Focus]
7% [Teeth of Gruul]
7% [Necklace of Eternal Hope]
7% [Shining Chain of the Afterworld]
Shoulder9% [Sun-Gilded Shouldercaps]
6% [Mantle of Malorne]
6% [Shoulderpads of Assassination]
6% [Forest Wind Shoulderpads]
6% [Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders]
20% [Lunar-Claw Pauldrons]
7% [Elekk Hide Spaulders]
6% [Spaulders of the Torn-heart]
6% [Gladiator's Wyrmhide Spaulders]
5% [Pauldrons of Malorne]
15% [Sun-Gilded Shouldercaps]
11% [Mantle of Malorne]
10% [Shoulderpads of Assassination]
9% [Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders]
6% [Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless]
19% [Forest Wind Shoulderpads]
17% [Shoulderguards of Malorne]
9% [Moonglade Shoulders]
6% [Mantle of Autumn]
6% [Pauldrons of the Solace-Giver]
Shirt10% [Rich Purple Silk Shirt]
10% [Dark Silk Shirt]
7% [Sleeveless T-Shirt]
5% [Deckhand's Shirt]
5% [Stylish Black Shirt]
9% [Rich Purple Silk Shirt]
8% [Dark Silk Shirt]
7% [Sleeveless T-Shirt]
5% [Black Swashbuckler's Shirt]
4% [White Swashbuckler's Shirt]
10% [Rich Purple Silk Shirt]
10% [Dark Silk Shirt]
7% [Sleeveless T-Shirt]
6% [Deckhand's Shirt]
5% [Stylish Black Shirt]
11% [Rich Purple Silk Shirt]
9% [Dark Silk Shirt]
7% [Sleeveless T-Shirt]
6% [Stylish Black Shirt]
5% [Master Builder's Shirt]
Chest13% [Heavy Clefthoof Vest]
10% [Chestguard of the Talon]
5% [Moonglade Robe]
5% [Stonebough Jerkin]
4% [Chestguard of No Remorse]
9% [Sacred Feather Vest]
8% [Windhawk Hauberk]
6% [Imbued Netherweave Robe]
5% [Tunic of the Nightwatcher]
5% [Grom'tor's Friend's Cousin's Tunic]
22% [Heavy Clefthoof Vest]
17% [Chestguard of the Talon]
7% [Chestguard of No Remorse]
6% [Chestguard of the Dark Stalker]
5% [Jerkin of the Untamed Spirit]
16% [Stonebough Jerkin]
14% [Moonglade Robe]
12% [Lifewarden's Breastplate]
6% [Hallowed Garments]
5% [Chestguard of Malorne]
Belt8% [Manimal's Cinch]
7% [Girdle of Treachery]
5% [The Sleeper's Cord]
5% [Cord of Nature's Sustenance]
5% [Tree-Mender's Belt]
18% [Moonrage Girdle]
8% [Windhawk Belt]
6% [Blackwhelp Belt]
4% [Sash of Sealed Fate]
4% [Girdle of Ruination]
13% [Manimal's Cinch]
11% [Girdle of Treachery]
8% [Tree-Mender's Belt]
4% [Naaru Belt of Precision]
4% [Kirin'Var Scout's Belt]
16% [Cord of Nature's Sustenance]
16% [The Sleeper's Cord]
6% [Moonrage Girdle]
5% [Primal Mooncloth Belt]
5% [Veteran's Kodohide Belt]
Legs12% [Heavy Clefthoof Leggings]
10% [Earthsoul Leggings]
6% [Clefthoof Hide Leggings]
6% [Midnight Legguards]
6% [Greaves of Malorne]
13% [Kurenai Kilt]
11% [Haramad's Leggings of the Third Coin]
10% [Tempest Leggings]
10% [Leggings of the Third Coin]
5% [Spellstrike Pants]
19% [Heavy Clefthoof Leggings]
10% [Clefthoof Hide Leggings]
10% [Midnight Legguards]
9% [Greaves of Malorne]
8% [Shattrath Leggings]
30% [Earthsoul Leggings]
10% [Legguards of Malorne]
6% [Pants of Living Growth]
5% [Moonglade Pants]
5% [Hallowed Trousers]
Boots13% [Heavy Clefthoof Boots]
10% [Zierhut's Lost Treads]
10% [Forestlord Striders]
4% [Boots of the Glade-Keeper]
4% [Edgewalker Longboots]
18% [Moonstrider Boots]
11% [Shattrath Jumpers]
7% [Imbued Netherweave Boots]
6% [Veteran's Wyrmhide Boots]
5% [Boots of Blasphemy]
21% [Heavy Clefthoof Boots]
17% [Zierhut's Lost Treads]
7% [Edgewalker Longboots]
5% [Studded Green Anklewraps]
5% [Supple Leather Boots]
31% [Forestlord Striders]
13% [Boots of the Glade-Keeper]
5% [Jeweled Boots of Sanctification]
4% [Boots of the Pious]
4% [Boots of the Incorrupt]
Bracer14% [Umberhowl's Collar]
7% [Spymistress's Wristguards]
6% [Bracers of the White Stag]
5% [Bracers of Maliciousness]
5% [Veteran's Dragonhide Bracers]
14% [Bracers of the White Stag]
10% [Shattrath Wraps]
9% [Windhawk Bracers]
5% [Veteran's Wyrmhide Bracers]
5% [Mana Infused Wristguards]
22% [Umberhowl's Collar]
11% [Spymistress's Wristguards]
7% [Veteran's Dragonhide Bracers]
7% [Bracers of Maliciousness]
4% [Marshal's Dragonhide Bracers]
13% [Bracers of the White Stag]
12% [Bands of Indwelling]
9% [Stormrage Bracers]
5% [Veteran's Kodohide Bracers]
5% [Dreamwalker Wristguards]
Hands8% [Gauntlets of Malorne]
7% [Mitts of the Treemender]
6% [Handguards of Malorne]
6% [Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation]
5% [Verdant Gloves]
9% [Gladiator's Wyrmhide Gloves]
9% [Tempest's Touch]
8% [Gloves of Malorne]
7% [Starlight Gauntlets]
6% [Incanter's Gloves]
14% [Gauntlets of Malorne]
10% [Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation]
7% [Verdant Gloves]
7% [Wastewalker Gloves]
6% [Windslayer Wraps]
20% [Mitts of the Treemender]
20% [Handguards of Malorne]
8% [Moonglade Handwraps]
7% [Gloves of the Living Touch]
6% [Prismatic Mittens of Mending]
Ring8% [Ogre Slayer's Band]
5% [A'dal's Command]
4% [Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer]
4% [Keeper's Ring of Piety]
2% [Ring of Unyielding Force]
7% [Band of the Guardian]
5% [Scintillating Coral Band]
5% [Ring of Unrelenting Storms]
5% [Violet Signet of the Archmage]
4% [Violet Signet]
14% [Ogre Slayer's Band]
7% [A'dal's Command]
4% [Ring of Unyielding Force]
4% [Violet Signet of the Great Protector]
4% [Band of the Exorcist]
12% [Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer]
11% [Keeper's Ring of Piety]
6% [Jade Ring of the Everliving]
6% [Violet Signet]
5% [Cosmic Lifeband]
Trinket11% [Bladefist's Breadth]
6% [Lower City Prayerbook]
6% [Hourglass of the Unraveller]
4% [Scarab of the Infinite Cycle]
4% [Insignia of the Alliance]
17% [Xi'ri's Gift]
12% [Vengeance of the Illidari]
7% [Glowing Crystal Insignia]
5% [Icon of the Silver Crescent]
4% [Ancient Crystal Talisman]
18% [Bladefist's Breadth]
10% [Hourglass of the Unraveller]
5% [Core of Ar'kelos]
5% [Adamantine Figurine]
4% [Insignia of the Alliance]
19% [Lower City Prayerbook]
11% [Scarab of the Infinite Cycle]
10% [Oshu'gun Relic]
5% [Ribbon of Sacrifice]
5% [Essence of the Martyr]
Cape8% [Capacitus' Cloak of Calibration]
7% [Thoriumweave Cloak]
5% [Nomad's Woven Cloak]
5% [Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted]
4% [Avian Cloak of Feathers]
12% [Ogre Slayer's Cover]
9% [Spell-slinger's Protector]
8% [Baba's Cloak of Arcanistry]
7% [Sergeant's Heavy Cape]
6% [Sergeant's Heavy Cape]
13% [Capacitus' Cloak of Calibration]
11% [Thoriumweave Cloak]
8% [Nomad's Woven Cloak]
6% [Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings]
6% [Dark Cloak of the Marsh]
14% [Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted]
11% [Avian Cloak of Feathers]
11% [Cloak of Scintillating Auras]
9% [Red Riding Hood's Cloak]
8% [Cloak of Whispering Shells]
Main Hand15% [Earthwarden]
13% [Staff of Beasts]
7% [Terestian's Stranglestaff]
6% [Dreamer's Dragonstaff]
4% [Light's Justice]
19% [The Bringer of Death]
12% [Gavel of Unearthed Secrets]
7% [Runesong Dagger]
7% [Bloodfire Greatstaff]
6% [Battle Mage's Baton]
24% [Earthwarden]
21% [Staff of Beasts]
11% [Terestian's Stranglestaff]
10% [Dreamer's Dragonstaff]
5% [Braxxis' Staff of Slumber]
13% [Light's Justice]
12% [Shard of the Virtuous]
10% [Gavel of Pure Light]
9% [Nightstaff of the Everliving]
7% [Hammer of the Penitent]
Off-hand17% [Aran's Soothing Sapphire]
15% [Signet of Unshakable Faith]
14% [Windcaller's Orb]
6% [Netherwing Spiritualist's Charm]
5% [Lamp of Peaceful Repose]
20% [Manual of the Nethermancer]
8% [The Saga of Terokk]
8% [Hortus' Seal of Brilliance]
7% [Talisman of Nightbane]
6% [Star-Heart Lamp]
25% [Windcaller's Orb]
13% [Aran's Soothing Sapphire]
9% [Netherwing Spiritualist's Charm]
6% [The Saga of Terokk]
6% [Signet of Unshakable Faith]
20% [Aran's Soothing Sapphire]
19% [Signet of Unshakable Faith]
16% [Windcaller's Orb]
6% [Lamp of Peaceful Repose]
6% [Netherwing Spiritualist's Charm]
Idol34% [Idol of the Wild]
16% [Harold's Rejuvenating Broach]
11% [Everbloom Idol]
9% [Idol of the Emerald Queen]
6% [Idol of the Avian Heart]
28% [Idol of the Avenger]
23% [Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess]
13% [Harold's Rejuvenating Broach]
13% [Idol of the Moon]
7% [Idol of the Raven Goddess]
55% [Idol of the Wild]
18% [Everbloom Idol]
5% [Idol of the Raven Goddess]
5% [Idol of the Claw]
5% [Idol of Brutality]
43% [Harold's Rejuvenating Broach]
25% [Idol of the Emerald Queen]
16% [Idol of the Avian Heart]
3% [Idol of the Raven Goddess]
3% [Idol of the Wild]
Tabard46% [Guild Tabard]
13% [Cenarion Expedition Tabard]
8% [Tabard of the Protector]
5% [Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari]
5% [Scryers Tabard]
52% [Guild Tabard]
7% [Tabard of the Protector]
7% [Cenarion Expedition Tabard]
7% [Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari]
5% [Scryers Tabard]
44% [Guild Tabard]
15% [Cenarion Expedition Tabard]
8% [Tabard of the Protector]
5% [Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari]
4% [Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari]
49% [Guild Tabard]
10% [Cenarion Expedition Tabard]
8% [Tabard of the Protector]
6% [Scryers Tabard]
5% [Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari]

AverageBalanceFeral CombatRestoration
Top 5 gems9% [Solid Star of Elune]
7% [Royal Nightseye]
6% [Solid Azure Moonstone]
4% [Enduring Talasite]
4% [Shifting Nightseye]
12% [Potent Noble Topaz]
9% [Potent Flame Spessarite]
8% [Glowing Shadow Draenite]
8% [Glowing Nightseye]
5% [Gleaming Dawnstone]
13% [Solid Star of Elune]
8% [Solid Azure Moonstone]
7% [Enduring Talasite]
6% [Shifting Nightseye]
4% [Jagged Talasite]
23% [Royal Nightseye]
10% [Luminous Noble Topaz]
9% [Teardrop Blood Garnet]
8% [Teardrop Living Ruby]
6% [Dazzling Talasite]

  • 2.95% of Druid's are exalted with Netherwing, 15.52% are on their way to exalted.
¹ - These stats include the effect of any buffs / aspects enabled on that character. I have not figured out how to extract the 'unbuffed' stats as yet.

The information contained in these reports can be used freely in your own site provided there is an accreditation & hyperlink to the source of the data.


Anonymous said...

Nice summary. Let's me know where I stand as compared against my peers.
Could you maybe add a break down by race (Noble Tauren vs. Silly Night Elves)?

Anonymous said...

A great breakdown, and certainly useful data to see where on the line of averages you are, and what the trends of the class community is doing ...

Keep up the great work.
Another noble Tauren Druid ...
(silly night elves - qft)

Anonymous said...

How cool! Further breakdown, imo! Of course which druid was without a stylin' [Rich Purple Silk Shirt] to match the great looks of Wildheart back in the day, eh? Personally, I'm sporting the [Dark Silk Shirt], having since retired the purple shirt to the bank alt many months ago. Can't say I'm wearing hardly any of the gear in the summary, cept for the idol, tabard and one of the trinkets. :x But it really is a crazy generalized summary of basically the entire class! More, more!

Okoloth said...

I have already started work on my next generation of reports, my spider process has literally kept *everything* the entire XML character sheet and their full talent build - if anything i am suffering from too-much-data syndrome. You can expect to see alot more soon.

Anonymous said...

This is really amazing stuff. Remember the months before the 41 talent point system was introduced, how it was promised that the rework would give all spec a place? Well, the truth is here. Moonkin, Tank/Retribution Paladins need some major love... I hope Blizz has seen these numbers.

operaghost said...

I find that balance druids simply have this syndrome that they are either very badly geared or very well geared and average seems to come out just as ... average. >.>