Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Status Update - 10th July

As of 8am this morning, the current status is this:
Alliance31,621 (49.5%)
Horde32,300 (50.5%)
Level 70's36,932 (57.8%)
Table Size862.1 MB

And here is a breakdown by class:
Druid5758 (9.0%)
Hunter6760 (10.6%)
Mage8374 (13.1%)
Paladin5899 (9.2%)
Priest7617 (11.9%)
Rogue7829 (12.2%)
Shaman5566 (8.7%)
Warlock7212 (11.3%)
Warrior8906 (13.9%)

ArmorySpider is still chewing through the 5v5 arena ladder I pointed it at last week, I expect it will finish this round in another few days. Projected character total by the end of this week around 85,000 :)

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