Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Status Update - 18th July

Ding!! 80,000 records and counting, status today:
Alliance39,502 (49.3%)
Horde40,611 (50.7%)
Level 70's44,926 (56.1%)
Table Size1,071 MB

And here is a breakdown by class:
Druid7225 (9.0%)
Hunter8597 (10.7%)
Mage10458 (13.1%)
Paladin7277 (9.1%)
Priest9542 (11.9%)
Rogue9937 (12.4%)
Shaman6979 (8.7%)
Warlock9025 (11.3%)
Warrior11073 (13.8%)

I slowed the spider down over the weekend to a more casual pace, it still has more than 10,000 characters & 500 guilds to go before it completes this round and it may take it another week. In the mean time I have refined my report-generating script in preparation for the next round of stats, expect to see more shortly.

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